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  1. The problem with this theory is that it appears to go against everything we”ve known about Tillerson. Tillerson has not been a voice in Trump”s administration for this sort of action. On the contrary, with Tillerson”s background as a chairman of Exxon, Tillerson has been a deal-maker. When Trump makes threats against Kim in NK, it was Tillerson who was pushing for negotiations to try to reach a deal. Not too long ago, we were hearing that the appointment of Tillerson was a sign of Trump”s collusion with the Russians because Tillerson had made deals with the Russians while at Exxon. Tillerson had been trying to clear out the Hillary neocons from the State Dept. Overall, the impression was that Tillerson was acting as Trump”s pooper-scooper. Going along behind Trump and trying to clean up Trump”s messes. And the fact that he was replaced by a belligerent political hick like Pompeo who”s been much more vocal about wanting war and conflict and Syria also seems to work against this theory. The general trend of all of these changes in recent weeks is that Trump is getting rid of the people who wanted to negotiate and is replacing them with a lot of pro-war hawks. So, this becomes yet another charge made without any evidence, and in this case one that seems to go against everything we could see in the month”s previous.

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